What to do if the CNC lathe with a flat bed body experiences water immersion?


  1.Cut off the power supply,avoid electric shock,and prevent the problem from expanding.
  2.Remove all electrical equipment that has been soaked in water,including CNC systems,drivers,motors,transformers,connecting cables,machine tool electrical components(including travel switches),machine tool main motors,encoders,and other components that need to be powered on for operation.
  3.If the components have been immersed in turbid water,the casing should be disassembled and washed clean with clean water.
  4.Drain the components and parts with water.
  5.Place damp components and parts into an oven for drying(with temperature controlled oven).
  6.Reassemble the removed components.
  7.Energize the dried components and components one by one to check their integrity.
  8.Professional personnel will install the inspected components and components back into the machine tool.
  9.Start up,conduct joint debugging,and use the sports car normally.

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