How to inspect the quality of instrument CNC lathe marking machining?


  The quality inspection of instrument CNC lathe machining should first focus on the high precision requirements of the cylindrical surface marking.Generally,the surface accuracy of the workpiece marking on the machine tool is high,and the following key points should be mastered during inspection:before inspection,remove the burrs on the marking with a fine grinding stone.Visually inspect the clarity of the inspection line,whether the thickness is uniform,whether the straightness of the scoring line and the distribution in length meet the requirements of the drawing.Check the starting position and size of the scoring line,and conduct spot checks on the length and spacing of the scoring line.The current measurement method is the same as the pre inspection.Check the equidivision of the scoring line,that is,the fluctuation of the spacing size.The inspection points for circular dimension surface marking and conical surface marking are relatively high.If there is a deviation in the machining position of the machine tool marking,it will not only cause the deviation of the machine tool marking groove,but also cause the depth of the groove due to deviation from the center.In addition to the conventional items for inspecting marking,the following points should also be mastered during inspection.
  Carefully use a magnifying glass to visually check whether the depth of the CNC lathe marking on the instrument is consistent,and whether the marking is located at the position of the plain line on the conical surface.The inspection can be carried out with the help of elevation dimensions and indexing heads.During inspection,place the work clamp on the height dividing head on the standard flat plate.The main axis of the dividing head is parallel to the standard flat plate,and the marking head of the vernier height caliper is accurately located at the center height of the machine tool spindle.At this time,use the vernier height caliper marking head to inspect the marking line at the corresponding position of 180 degrees on the workpiece,which can detect whether the conical surface marking line is at the position of the circular surface.The key points for checking the centerline of a plane are to use a vernier height caliper to draw an extension line of the centerline of the machine tool.If the intersection points coincide with one point,it indicates that the line direction is accurate.Otherwise,it indicates that there is a deviation in the line direction,and the farther the intersection points are,the greater the deviation.The above content introduces how to inspect the quality of instrument CNC lathe marking processing.Shandong Weihao Machine Tool Company mainly sells CNC lathes,turning centers,machining centers,and other products.We welcome new and old customers to come and order.

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