Product model:


Technical parameters

ITEM Unit CK6163
NC system   KND2000 / GSK  980TDI (Optional )
Max. turning diameter of bed mm 630
Max. rotation diameter of tool holder mm 320
Width of bed guide rail mm 550 (split-type)
X/Z direction fast moving speed mm/min 6000 / 8000
Min. feed increment in X/Z direction mm 0.001/0.001
Max. workpiece length mm 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000
Max. turning length mm 850 / 1350 / 2850 / 3850 / 4850
Spindle end code   A2-11
Chuck (manual)   Φ400 (Three-jaw) / Φ630 (/Single-acting three-jaw)
Diameter of main shaft through hole mm 105 (Optional 130)
Spindle front end conical hole   1:20 / 120
Spindle speed series   Manual fourth gear (Optional hydraulic fourth gear)
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm 100
Max. stroke of tailstock sleeve mm 250 (Standard configuration)
Tailstock sleeve taper hole   Mohs No.6
Spindle speed rpm/min 30-80 / 53-150 / 125-350 / 300-835
Tool holder form   Vertical four-station or six-station
Main motor power KW 15 (Frequency conversion)
Weight (processing length 1500mm) KG 4200
Size (L × W × H) mm 3800×2200×2200


Standard configuration
Bed foot
 Automatic lubrication system
Variable frequency speed control spindle system
Cooling system
15KW main motor and frequency converter
Manual tailstock
Four-station electric tool holder
Electrical control system
Three-jaw chuck
CNC system (GSK)
Servo feed transmission system
Semi-closed protective cover


Optional configuration
6-station electric tool holder
Center frame and tool holder
CNC system (GSK, FANUC, SIEMENS, etc.)
Three-jaw chuck (hydraulic/pneumatic)


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