What are the characteristics of cutting tools used in CNC lathes?


  With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry,key industries such as the mold industry,automotive industry,and aviation industry have continuously put forward high requirements for CNC lathe cutting technology.At the same time,it also promotes the continuous development of metal cutting tools.The tools of CNC lathes usually refer to those used in CNC lathes and machining centers,which have developed rapidly and have many varieties,forming a series.
  1.Characteristics of CNC cutting tools
  In order to achieve the goal of versatile,fast changing,and economical cutting tools,the tools used need to have the following characteristics;
  (1)Has high cutting efficiency
  (2)With high accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy
  (3)Has high reliability and durability
  (4)Realize pre adjustment and quick tool change of tool size
  (5)Having a comprehensive tool system
  (6)Establish a tool management system
  2.Performance requirements for CNC cutting tools
  In order to meet the requirements of high machining accuracy,high machining efficiency,centralized machining processes,and fewer parts clamping times for fully automatic CNC lathes,professional machining also has many performance requirements for the tools used:
  (1)Standardization of geometric and cutting parameters of blades and cutting tools;
  (2)The selection principles for the matching of blade or tool materials and cutting parameters with the materials of the workpiece being processed;
  (3)Rationalization of the durability and economic life indicators of blades or cutting tools;
  (4)Optimization of blade or handle positioning reference;
  (5)The requirements for the relative position of the blade and handle on the machine tool spindle;
  (6)Requirements for the strength,rigidity,and wear resistance of the tool handle;

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