Product model:


Technical parameters

ITEM Unit CK61125
NC system   KND2000 / GSK 980TDI (Optional)
Max. turning diameter of bed mm 1250
Max. rotation diameter of tool holder mm 870
Width of bed guide rail mm 700 (Integrated)
X/Z direction fast moving speed mm/min 5000 / 6000
Min. feed increment in X/Z direction mm 0.001/0.001
Max. workpiece length mm 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000
Max. turning length mm 850 / 1350 / 2850 / 3850 / 4850
Spindle end code   A2-11
Chuck (manual)   Φ630 (Single-acting three-jaw)
Diameter of main shaft through hole mm 105 / 130
Spindle front end conical hole   1:20 / 120
Spindle speed series   Manual fourth gear / Hydraulic fourth gear
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm 130
Max. stroke of tailstock sleeve mm 250 ( Standard configuration )
Tailstock sleeve taper hole   Mohs No.6
Spindle speed rpm/min 30-80 / 53-150 / 125-350 / 300-835
Tool holder form    Vertical four-station or six-station
Main motor power KW 22
Weight (processing length 1500mm) KG 6800
Size (L × W × H) mm 4000×2300×2200


Standard configuration
Bed foot
Variable frequency speed control spindle system
15KW main motor and frequency converter
Four-station electric tool holder
Three-jaw chuck
Servo feed transmission system
 Automatic lubrication system
Cooling system
Manual tailstock
Electrical control system
CNC system (GSK)
Semi-closed protective cover


Optional configuration
6-station electric tool holder
Center frame and tool holder
CNC system (GSK, FANUC, SIEMENS, etc.)
Three-jaw chuck (hydraulic/pneumatic)

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