What should I do if there is thermal deformation on a horizontal CNC lathe?


  There are several common measures for thermal deformation of horizontal CNC lathes:
  1.Improving the layout and structural design of horizontal CNC lathes,such as using a thermal symmetric structure for heat sources.CNC lathes adopt inclined bed,flat bed,and inclined slide plate structures.Some heavy-duty CNC machines adopt thermal balance measures due to structural limitations.
  2.Control of temperature rise:Adopting methods such as heat dissipation,air cooling,and liquid cooling to control the temperature rise of the heating parts of CNC lathes(such as the spindle box,hydrostatic guide hydraulic oil,etc.)to absorb the heat emitted by the heat source is a commonly used strategy on various CNC machine tools to reduce the impact of thermal deformation.
  3.Taking strong cooling measures on the cutting area is an important heat source for the amount of hot chips that fall on components such as the workbench and bed during heavy cutting.Modern CNC machine tools,especially CNC lathes,generally use multi nozzle and large meteor cooling fluid to cool and remove these hot chips,and use large capacity circulating heat dissipation or cooling with cheese to control temperature rise.
  4.Thermal displacement compensation:Predict the thermal deformation law,establish a mathematical model,and store it in a computer for real-time compensation.
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