What preparations should be made for the operation of a CNC lathe?


  The two guide rails of a CNC lathe are located on a plane that intersects with the ground plane,forming an inclined plane with angles of 30°,45°,60°,and 75°.The lathe bed is a right triangle.It is obvious that under the same guide rail width,the X-direction drag plate of the inclined bed is longer than that of the flat bed.The practical significance of applying it to a lathe is that more tool positions can be arranged.The cross-sectional area of a lathe is larger than that of a flat bed of the same specification,which means it has stronger resistance to bending and torsion.
  During the design of the lathe,corresponding measures were taken to reduce the thermal deformation of the spindle in the spindle box,so that the relative stability of the spindle axis can be maintained during long-term operation of the spindle.The lathe adopts full rail protection,and the cooling box and chip conveyor are separated from the main machine,ensuring that the accuracy of the machine tool is not affected by thermal cutting.
  Preparation before lathe trial operation:
  After passing the geometric accuracy inspection of the lathe,it is necessary to clean the entire machine.Use cotton or silk cloth soaked in cleaning agents,and do not use cotton or gauze.Clean the rust resistant oil or paint that was applied to protect the guide rail surface and machining surface of the lathe at the factory.Clean the dust on the external surface of the machine tool.Apply lubricating oil as specified by the machine tool to each sliding surface and working surface.
  Carefully check whether all parts of the CNC lathe have been oiled as required,and whether there is sufficient coolant in the cooling box.Whether the oil in the hydraulic station and automatic lubrication device of the machine tool reaches the specified position on the oil level indicator.
  Check whether all switches and components in the electrical control box are normal,and whether all plug-in integrated circuit boards are in place.Start the centralized lubrication installation by powering on,so that all lubrication parts and lubricating oil circuits are filled with lubricating oil.Make all preparations before the operation of each component of the machine tool.

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