What are the temperature environment requirements for CNC machining centers?


  CNC machining centers are widely used.This equipment is mainly used for shaft or disk parts with inner and outer cylindrical surfaces,arbitrary cone angles of inner and outer conical surfaces,complex rotating inner and outer surfaces,cylindrical and conical threads,and other cutting processes.It can also perform slot cutting,drilling,reaming,reaming,and boring.Let's follow the manufacturer to understand the temperature environment requirements of CNC machining centers.
  The ambient temperature of the CNC machining center is less than 30 degrees,and the relative temperature is less than 80%.Generally speaking,CNC control boxes are equipped with exhaust fans or cooling fans to maintain a constant operating temperature or minimal temperature difference of electronic components,especially processors.Excessive temperature and humidity can reduce the lifespan of control system components and lead to more malfunctions.As temperature and humidity increase,dust can increase and cause bonding in integrated circuit boards,leading to short circuits.
  During the machining process of CNC machining centers,the impact of thermal deformation on the machining accuracy of CNC lathes is receiving increasing attention.In order to achieve rapid positioning,it is necessary for the workbench and tool holder to move quickly on the guide rail surface.The friction between the workbench and the guide rail will generate a large amount of frictional heat,resulting in thermal deformation of the guide rail.At present,we are working on the impact of thermal deformation of mechanical equipment guide rails on the machining accuracy of parts,as well as how to control and prevent the generation of thermal deformation.

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