What are the processing steps for CNC lathes to process hardware parts?


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  CNC lathe processing hardware parts is the use of newly introduced CNC lathes to process parts or hardware accessories,steel materials into various shapes of workpieces that customers need,in order to achieve the final product value of the product.And with the development of CNC technology,the processes and processes of CNC lathe processing will become more complex and centralized.That is,various processes(such as turning,milling,drilling,etc.)are concentrated on a CNC lathe to complete.The current dual spindle structure is a manifestation of this concept.Below is an introduction to the processing steps that CNC lathes need to go through to process hardware:
  (1)Material and heat treatment requirements
  The material and heat treatment requirements given in the drawing are the basis for selecting the CNC lathe model and determining the cutting amount.
  (2)The geometric conditions that make up the contour
  When manually programming in turning machining,calculate the coordinates of each node;During automatic programming,all geometric elements that make up the contour need to be defined.Therefore,when analyzing the graph,attention should be paid to:
  ①Whether a certain dimension is missing from the machining drawing of hardware parts,resulting in insufficient geometric conditions and affecting the composition of the contour;
  ②Is the position of the product diagram lines unclear or the dimensions unclear,making programming difficult to start with;
  ③Is the geometric conditions given in the product diagram unreasonable,causing difficulties in mathematical processing.
  ④The dimensioning method for CNC machining product drawings should be adapted to the characteristics of CNC lathe machining,and dimensions should be marked on the same benchmark or directly given coordinate dimensions.
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  (3)Dimensional accuracy requirements
  Analyze the requirements for dimensional accuracy of the drawing to determine whether it can be achieved using turning technology and determine the process method for controlling dimensional accuracy.
  During this analysis process,some size conversions can also be performed simultaneously,such as incremental size and size chain calculations.When using a CNC lathe for turning,it is common to take the average of the required dimensions,Z large and Z small,as the size basis for programming.
  (4)Requirements for shape and position accuracy
  Compared to traditional CNC lathes,the shape and positional accuracy of raw materials are more convenient and standardized.The given shape and positional tolerances are important basis for ensuring accuracy.During processing,the positioning and measurement standards should be determined according to their requirements,and some technical processing can be carried out according to the special needs of CNC lathes to effectively control the shape and position accuracy.

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