What are the requirements for spindle components in CNC lathes?


  Many users have called to inquire about the requirements of CNC lathes for spindle components.Below,the editor will introduce to you:
  When the equipment is working,high-speed cutting is generally used,which requires the spindle components to have high stiffness.Otherwise,the spindle will generate significant elastic deformation under external forces and cause vibration,affecting the accuracy and surface roughness of the processed parts.
  2、Rotation accuracy
  The same rotation accuracy of CNC machine tool spindle components mainly refers to the radial and axial runout measured using a dial gauge on the workpiece,fixture,or tool surface installed at the front end of the spindle during no-load and low-speed operation.Its height directly affects the geometric accuracy and surface quality of the processed parts.
  3、Seismic resistance
  The seismic resistance of CNC machine tool spindle components refers to the ability of spindle components to resist vibration and maintain balanced operation in CNC machining.
  4、Strong thermal stability
  The thermal stability of spindle components mainly refers to their ability to resist changes in shape and position caused by heating.During operation,CNC machine tools may generate heat due to friction,oil stirring,or other reasons,resulting in temperature imbalance of the spindle components,causing deformation in the shape and position of the spindle components,which can affect machining accuracy.
  5、Reliable and accurate positioning.
  The structure of the CNC lathe spindle components should ensure reliable radial and axial positioning accuracy to ensure reliable clamping and accurate positioning of the workpiece or tool,and reduce the impact of clamping and positioning errors on machining quality.

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